Go anywhere with neutrals

Neutrals can take you just about anywhere you want to go…at home, that is.   My last post covered the essentials of neutrals … whether they are warm, cool, light, or dark, as well as their undertones and saturation levels. Today, I begin discussing how to use neutrals and their various properties in interiors.     […]

A Neutral Entry

  It’s the last day of the month and the post I intended for October is not finished yet, so I offer a design this month instead in my current theme of neutrals. You might have seen this board earlier on Instagram. My inspiration was, of course, neutrals and I conceived this as the entry […]

Neutrals anew

Tain’t what you do but the way that you do it. I love neutrals.  I might be late to this party since neutrals have been popular for a long time and maybe their trend has peaked and lavender is now where it’s at but good design is not dependant upon any particular color and anyway, […]


End of June,  end of suspense. I concluded my last post with this board I created showing the basic elements of a fresh, summer-coloured design. All the primary pieces chosen and the required secondary pieces noted I was on my way to selecting the secondary elements when I was called away to my summer vacation. Traveling […]

Summer Colors

Who needs to go on vacation when you can stay home with these fresh colors of summer?   Of course, we all need a vacation, but today’s design board, made up of the sherbet colors of summer, just might help prolong it…   Sneak preview A few elements from the design board you will see near the […]