A Recipe for Neoclassical Whimsy

I just posted a new design on Instagram and wanted to write a few words about it here because it’s been OVER ONE YEAR since I’ve made a blog post and if anyone comes here after seeing the Insta post, I want to confirm this blog site is ALIVE.

Not dead.

As it might otherwise appear.

This is the new design.

Which is actually a re-work of an earlier design.

Here is the earlier one.

Not too different, but I thought it could be stronger. More focused. So I changed it and now I like it better.

I thought the first one was charming. I think the new one even more so.

Now, I’m going to contradict myself….comparing the two, you see I tightened up the negative space. But I also want to keep it light and open, so maybe I went too far. Not sure. I’ll look at it again tomorrow, and probably the day after that, too.

So, I tightened up the negative space, added trim to the curtains, more color to the wall and a striped box, mimicking the curtain pattern, on top of the commode.

I’d be interested in what you think. It is possible to make things too tight. If I really want to go crazy ( and I often do ) I could make a third board that includes elements of both. Keeping it light and open while adding punch.

my recipe and inspiration for neoclassical whimsy

First, I love antique furniture and traditional details, you know, wall brackets and porcelain plates, etc. but I also want fresh and unpredictable. So I used vibrant color and mixed unusual elements like a Hollywood Regency chair and 19th c Swedish wallpaper with a neoclassical commode. It delights me to combine fine elements in unexpected ways. This is not a new concept but I can’t say I’ve seen exactly this before.

And then there’s whimsy; the key is whimsy without cute, tradition without stuffy. So that’s my recipe.

With every board I make, I conceive an infinity of new possibilities so, I’m going to get back to work.

I welcome your comments!

an elements board

I thought it might be fun to do a

Get the Look board.

But that’s not so easy. Most of my elements are antique and therefore hard to duplicate. After a couple hours of seeking replacements for the irreplaceable, I gave up.

So, now it’s simply an elements board.

Ta daa….


all the elements of the board


Now I’m done.

Happy October 2020! and remember this too shall pass


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